RF GNSS Receivers

At Silizium Circuits, cost-effective, smaller footprint and high-performance State-of-the-Art multi-band GNSS receivers with no or minimum external components are designed.

Our receivers support multi bands such as L1, L5/L2, and S bands allowing simultaneous reception of various constellations. With a high dynamic range, our receivers could sustain jammers and can be interfaced with a variety of commercial baseband solutions.

The receiver features a small form factor and programmable power and gain settings to support various use cases.
We eliminated completely the SAW filters with our monolithic filter solutions resulting in fewer components reducing the overall BOM and hence the cost.

Silizium GNSS RF Receivers are available as Silicon IP with possible integration with RFIC front ends and as well as complete discrete solutions.
Support for GPS, NAVIC, and GLONASS navigation bands are aimed in the first version.

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